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  • In which language pairs is translation provided?

    Translation Office "Litera" offers translation from Georgian into English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and vice versa.

  • Translated and notarized standard documents will be handed over to the client within 1-2 business days. In case of large volume of translation, the deadline for performance of work will be defined on the basis of mutual agreement of the client and the translation office.

  • The cost of translation varies depending on the subject and volume. The volume is calculated by characters (symbols) and in most cases, 1800 characters with spaces are considered to be one standard page.

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Translation is a process of rendering a text from one language to another and its result. Translation is a multidisciplinary process and it involves a linguistic science, is related to literary studies and implies reasonable interpretation of different terms and knowledge. The tradition of translation dates back many centuries and its history starts from the period when humans first desired to communicate with representatives of a foreign nation and culture. The necessity of this communication predetermined origination of a translator and later, of the profession of a translator. Translation – communication of meaning from one language to another generally and simply.

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    Those interested in cooperation with the translation bureau "Litera", please send a questionnaire (CV) to our e-mail addresses:

    Please note that the following requirements are required: Higher education, translation experience, knowledge of office programs and ability to work with the Internet


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    (+995 32) 2 92 14 58

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